Why the XT/Vortex/Alcyone?

That certain “Je ne sais quoi”

You don’t see an XT on every street corner.

This brings us to the elusive quality the XT has. A certain unquantifiable something that endears the little wedge to its owner. We tend to fixate on it, often looking at it in the parking lot from our workplace window, or turning to glance at it over our shoulder as we walk away, fall asleep thinking of things that “would be cool” to do to it, scouring the internet for more information, looking for it in the background of 80s/90s movies and TV shows, and getting together for meets now and then. The poor man’s exotic is still a head turner even for the uninitiated who just happen to like cars. Many such persons know of its successor, the SVX, but aren’t familiar with the XT. For those who do know the car, the smiles are usually ear-to-ear and the comments often include the phrase, “That was the best little car!” The appeal of the XT is rarely centered on one or two points, rather it is “the sum of the parts”


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