"Pumping Aluminum"

To date few if any examples of force fed ER27s exist. This page will attempt to chronicle, in as great detail as is at least photographically possible, the development of known cases. As of this writing there are a few owners currently developing turbocharged set ups, nitrous oxide efforts, and a couple of supercharged versions.

Here is a very intriguing set of pictures of Paul Singer's supercharger out of the box, attached to the intake manifold, and finally installed. As of this writing the car has yet to get on the road and give us any performance data (I wrote this as soon as he made the pictures available), but it seems pretty obvious that this is going to be one quick wedge! Paul's also upgrading the struts, rims, interior door panels, and installing a rollcage. What a gorgeous piece of work - very nice, Paul!

For more shots of this amazing build up click here.


Seen here are just a few of Kevin's components for a future turbo project. Notice the fact that the stock exhaust manifolds only have two exhaust ports for each bank of three cylinders - two cylinders' exhaust ports are "siamesed" into one. Remember he's already running Nitrous, so when he gets this plumbing done look out!


Okay, Kevin is like one of those 2 for 1 deals - not only does he have the turbo kit in the garage, he's also currently running a Zex nitrous kit! He's still working out the bugs (understand he's a very methodical man who has been making tons of mods and each requires its own amount of tweaking) so he hasn't really gotten any huge results with it - YET...

Here are a few photos he took of his Zex set up (by the way, that's a JC Sports intake originally on his Outback Sport that he's adapted to fit his ER27) and some of his other mods:

Trunk mount location of the Zex NOS bottle


Switch location - I suppose that's one advantage to having FWD - no center diff lock switch to get in your way!



Bottle heater prior to installation



Turns out the Apexi Super Air/Fuel Controller was the source of a lot of Kevin's lean fuel mixture issues. Once he scrapped it, things cleared right up. His word to the wise: Apexi probably makes a good product, but it doesn't work well for our cars - in fact it hurts performance significantly.




JC Sports Intake- this was originally on his Outback Sport. The photo's a little washed out, but it's a nice bright yellow and it helps dress up the engine bay a bit.