Huck’s Rear Suspension Project

My XT Rear Suspension Set- Up

I decided to try to come up with a set-up for my XT6 AWD, after not being happy with the way it set (to high) with the FWD rear struts on it after converting from air suspension to FWD coilovers, so this is what I came up with. (Some of the old-timers will remember me trying to get some aftermarket airshocks to work on the XT6?which didn?t work, so I STILL have those brand new airshocks sitting around)

Parts List:

(A) I ordered (2) rear KYB Struts from Part number # L4000-19670 at $45.85 each (free shipping over $50)

(B) Next I order a set of adjustable Coilovers for a 93-97 Impreza from this E-Bay seller ?t4rac? For $37.88 + $29.00 Shipping .

This kit came with springs for the front and rear struts for an Impreza, which weighs almost the same as the XT6 so I figured it would be a close match. (I?ll be using the fronts soon J )

(C) A can of paint (to repaint the mounting hardware) and a can of undercoating to coat the are you will be beating on?.J

(D) A can of penetrating oil is handy also

Tools Needed:


Jack Stands

Flat Screwdriver (to remove the lug nut covers)

?? Lug Wrench or Socket

Drop Light

?? drive socket set

?? Open end wrench **

14 MM Boxed end wrench **

14mm Socket

17mm Socket

12? Wobbler Extension

2 Pound Hammer *

Impact Gun (Optional, but highly recommended)

*(AWD Only)

**(Not needed with Impact Gun)

Getting Started:

(1) Jack up the car and support with jack stands (break lug nuts loose first if you don?t have an Impact gun)

(2) Remove wheel,

(3) Remove (1) bottom Strut Bolt, then (2) top Strut Bolts (All 17mm)

(4) Take the old strut to a work bench, and remove the 2 nuts from the top of the strut (14 mm)

(5) Remove the Strut top mount and the top spring mount (Clean and repaint if you?re anal like me) :roll:

(6) Now remove the bump stop from the old strut, and remove the cover tube from the end of it (the cover tube won?t work with the adjustable coilovers)

(7) Slide the threaded insert over the new strut, insert a rubber spacer (supplied with spring kit)

(8 ) Put the spring onto the strut assembly

(9) Put the bump stop onto the strut rod

(10) Put the top spring mount (that you cleaned and painted ) onto the strut assembly

(11) Install the larger rubber bushing(included with the struts)

(12) Install the top mounting bracket (upside down if you have a AWD, right side up if you have a FWD)

(13) Install the small rubber bushing (supplied with the strut)***

(14) Install the new metal washer (supplied with the strut) and tighten it down, if you don?t have an Impact gun, this is where you?ll need the 14 mm wrench and the ?? wrench.

(15) After installing the top strut nuts, you?ll need to adjust the spring?I ran it up till it touched the top spring mount, then turned the adjuster 2 more full turns, and locked it down.

(16) Now back to the car, if you have an AWD and flipped the top mount over you?ll need to ?massage? the area above the strut, right where the 2 nuts went on the strut assembly. There is a hole directly above the vertical strut bolt (about the size of a quarter) that shows another layer of metal above it, that ?next? layer is where you need more clearance. I used the 12? ?? drive extension, and the 2 pound hammer to ?massage? it?.I actually ?Massaged? a hole in it! :roll: ?probably easier to just drill it out to start with. I am probably going to pull the trunk lining out to see where this hole is, and close it up with some silicone, at a later date. :wink:

(17) Now you?re ready to install the new strut assembly, just bolt the assembly in place of the old one, and reinstall the wheel and drop it off the Jack and you?re done!!?.you might want to adjust the spring one way or the other, but this can be done with the wheel on, just jack it back up to have access to the adjusting nuts.

***I used the original rubber bushing here, as the new one was to big to let me get the nut started.

Hope everyone finds this useful, as I think it handles 200% better (of course my old struts had about 175k on them), can?t wait to get the fronts done!!! 8)

Some Pics in this thread on the forums:

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