Huck’s Front Suspension Project

Huck’s Ultra Secret Suspension Part II
The Front

Parts required:

Front Struts for a 95 Impreza FWD KYB GR-2 # ????????

Adjustable Spring kit for a 93-96 Impreza, From B-Bay Seller Name : t4rac

(2) Adjustable Camber Strut bolts from an Impreza

(2) Standard Strut bolts from an Impreza

(2) Top mounts from XT6 (can be the top mounts off the air struts or the Coilovers)

Strut Assembly:

(1) Spread the lower strut flanges, I used a Port-a-power at work, which made it easy. You need to spread it about ?? in the Spreading the lower flanges

(2) Now before I could get the adjustable collar to fit on the new strut housing, I had to grind down the collar on the strut as shown here Ground down collar

(3) Now once the collar will slide down on the strut body, remove it and install (1) of the heavy O-Rings that came in the kit, and (1) of the Medium O-Rings that came with the springs Spring Placement

(4) Now, you can reinstall the adjusting collar and they will seat down on the two O-Rings Collar placement

(5) Now install the new bump stop (I used an old set) Bump Stops

(6) Now install the shiny new spring, and top spring cap and then the washer from the spring kit. New Springs

(7) Now [IMPORTANT] install the original beveled washer (bevel up) Beveled Washer Placement

(8) Next is the Original XT6 Top Strut Mount (can be the ones off the air struts OR XT6 FWD Struts) and the new nut that came with the struts. XT6 Top Mount

Car Prep:

(1) Remove old struts (if you haven?t already)

(2) Now if you want to be able to adjust the camber you have to drill out the two holes in the front spindle (this is NOT fun on the car) it take a 11/16? drill bit for the adjusting holes (top ones), and a 9/16? for the lower holes. Drilling 1 Drilling 2 (note: I almost broke my hand once when the drill bit and wrenched out of my hand, so use caution)

(3) Now put the new strut assembly up into place and start the top mounts 3 nuts to hold it in place. Re-Install 1

(4) Now put the lower strut bolts in place, this is probably going to be difficult, as the bent flanges don?t really like to fit (but they WILL fit) it just take patience and some elbow grease (and some cursing and sweating, and ?.) But now they?re in! Install 2

(5) Now you have to adjust it to the height of your liking ?(Gary Gross will like them as you can raise it WAY up) I ended up with it about the middle of the adjustment.

(6) Once you have it a height you like, take it and get it aligned, and be sure to tell them that it now has CAMBER adjustment available using the bolts on the spindle to strut, so they set your camber correctly. I eye-balled mine, and got them pretty close, they only had to make adjustments on one side.

My opinion on this Mod:

 I don't like it as well as I like the rears, the springs are to stiff (450 pound per inch)

and they overpower the dampening in the KYB GR-2 strut, the KYB AGX adjustable struts would probably make this set up work much better, but the car does handle much better (ask any of the Dragon Goers) and I’d say it was worth while, but has room for improvement.

The 350 pounds per inch springs that went on the rear struts, 

would probably been a better match on the front also, so you could get 2 sets of the adjustable springs and use the 350 PPI on both the front and rear.

Over all I'm pretty happy with it, 

but wish I had gotten the AGX?s over the GR-2 the extra $150 total for the whole mod would have been worth it in my opinion…

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