"Stowaway" in my XT on my way to work, crazy story

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"Stowaway" in my XT on my way to work, crazy story

Postby Simply Nuts on Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:52 pm

I wrote that a week ago:
This morning I went to mail a package, my vehicles parked next to each other, I entered the SVX and at the same time I hear the wailing of a cat under the XT, ok, all the street full of cats, not something special.
I came back after half an hour and went home.

A few hours later I took the XT to work, before I left I opened the hood for routine tests, for a moment I thought i saw a page fell on the floor, I told myself it must be my shadow, on my way to work I hear "Meow", I thought No Way! A few seconds after I heard it again "meow", DAMN!, at that point I understood I had a cat under the hood, very stressful.

My working place was pretty close, so I got to the parking lot and still heard wailing.
I went to change shifts and came back to the car with a flashlight, finally I saw a cute redhead kitten, he was dirty and hiding under the turbo (I have no idea how he survived the heat), he was scared but at least not crushed as I feared at first, it seems he got a burn on the head and his ear was black (maybe oil stain maybe a burn), it appears he miraculously managed to survive the "trip" pretty good.

The kitten was scared and did not dare to go out, after I tempted him with milk (durable, ugh) that he did not try to drink (probably too small) He got out and immediately return.

I rememberd that in my work place there is someone crazy about cats, so I turned to her and she jumped straight to the garage with me, lay under the car like a mechanic and fought with the kitten, after a stubborn battle of blood (see video) the kitten decided to move to a car a "little bigger" than mine, Volkswagen Touareg, after 5 minutes and a box of tuna came the owner of the Touareg, he seemed completely surprised, said "Sorry, I'm hurry to the hospital", entered the car and drove away, with the kitten inside the engine bay. :shock:

This kitten's fate was sealed, until now I'm trying to figure out how he survived 20 miles fast drive beneath the turbocharger managing to avoid the straps and wheels.

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Re: "Stowaway" in my XT on my way to work, crazy story

Postby lazer on Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:13 am

Poor kitten. :cry:
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