Snow... what a wonderful thing!

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Snow... what a wonderful thing!

Postby Caboobaroo on Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:57 pm

Because it means more money! Woohoo!

About 6 months ago, I left Firestone to go to another shop because of unhappiness and lots of stress that I wasn't getting paid to deal with. The first day of WCSS12 last year, I stopped into a shop to get a body estimate done on my XT6 from the hit it encountered on father's day from my roomate's friend. They're a vendor on NASIOC and decided to ask if they were hiring. Next thing I know, I'm talking to the owner and her husband about a job. Thought about it while at WCSS, came back and accepted the position. 3 weeks later, I got a payraise of $3.00/hr :shock: So I'm currently making decent money but more is always good, especially while working for a bodyshop doing mechanical work during the winter :mrgreen: Now I don't do bodywork (even though I was a GM certified body tech and a BASF certified painter) but instead I work in the part of the shop where I do all of the suspension/steering/brake work, alignments and all the other mechanical work from engine diags to hotrods :D

Its just a random post but I thought I'd share the fact that I like money falling from the sky :lol:
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Re: Snow... what a wonderful thing!

Postby grossgary on Wed Feb 23, 2011 6:07 pm

nice hit on the job, glad it's going well. mr. alignment himself, sounds like a good fit, you'll have those 5 luggers dialed in on a dime.

+1, i've got a wrecked legacy to flip, the EJ25 is my personal favorite as that's a year round cash cow. LOL.

i've gotten a lot of calls recently for soobs - is the main factor snow or tax season or both? either way i got another that needs to hit the market soon. maybe i should start asking people.
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