2 XT6 for sale feeler

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2 XT6 for sale feeler

Postby jellybytes on Thu Jun 11, 2015 6:58 pm

I am toying with the idea of selling my 2 XT6s. One is an auto 4wd parts car missing a door, a sunroof, a title and some assorted pieces. The other is a manual 4wd with a digidash swap. This one was running when I bought it. I had a new exhaust put on it and was in the process of taking care of a couple of issues to get it inspected when the timing belt went. I got started on that and had it on stands in the garage when surgery put me out of commission for about six months. That was a few years ago and I haven't gotten back to it even though I have all of the parts. It does have some rust issues but is in decent shape overall. It has working air suspension. I've replaced the front O-rings and those don't leak anymore but the rears where I didn't change O-rings were still drooping overnight. The AC condenser is also gone from this one.

I've been telling myself for about 7 years that I am going to finish getting the good one back on the road, but I am not able to do the work on my own any more and haven't gotten around to having it towed to my mechanic for him to work on it so it might be time to part ways. Looking for offers for both or just the parts one, or maybe.. someone to reassemble the 'good' one for me with the parts car as payment.

I am not on the forum much so call or text or find me on facebook. I'm posting this on the XT page there as well.
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