WTT/WTS 93 Impreza Sedan

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WTT/WTS 93 Impreza Sedan

Postby Arghetlam on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:25 am

Ever since my '90 RS was totaled, I've been kind of jumping around cars, and now would be a good time to try and move into what I really want.

First, the car for sale: 1993 Subaru Impreza Sedan. Five speed manual, all wheel drive, with the EJ18 up front, so nothing special. I dropped the stock suspension with some KYB AGX adjustable struts. The front brakes have new pads and rotors; haven't taken apart the back drums, but the brakes are nice and firm, so all is well with the braking system. Also sporting a double din Pioneer deck with new Alpine speakers all the way around. No problems with the glass, and the car is mechanically sound, for the most part.

Heater blows hot. AC, not so much. The interior is still in good condition with a few little issues with the driver's seat (it's ripped a bit on the side, but not very bad). Head liner's good, dome light works, does need a sun visor on the passenger's side (which will probably be fixed by the time it's for sale).

The body. . .well, it needs some help. Everything from the front doors forward has some dings and dents, and the trunk lid has a fairly good sized dent in it. The previous owner was into his stickers way too much, and what's on it doesn't want to come off. The side molding was also removed, so it looks a little rough. On the bright side, I did add a set of driving lights, so there's that.

Engine wise, everything works, goes all the way up to the redline and hits the limiter without complaining, doesn't tick, and haven't seen it overheat once, even in this wicked heat wave, so the cooling system is good. The transmission shifts pretty well, the only complaining I've gotten is a bit of a crunch going into first, but after that, it doesn't make any ugly sounds.

It isn't pretty, but it's a strong runner, and a solid autocrosser - third place in my local Autocross chapter's H Street class, due to a bad strut which was replaced. The car is in Spokane, Washington, but I could be convinced to deliver to the Seattle, Portland, and west Montana area. Farther than that, I may be willing to negotiate.

I'd like to get around 1400 for the car, or a trade, or a trade for a five speed 4WD XT or RX.

I'll have some pictures of the car in question up tomorrow.
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