1989 Corvette for sale or trade.

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1989 Corvette for sale or trade.

Postby 80's Wedge Man on Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:31 am

Craigslist Ad: https://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/cto/ ... 88102.html
Up for sale is my 1989 Corvette. I bought this car about two years ago and it was my daily for almost all of that time. The car currently has about 140k miles on the odometer and has had lots of work done to it. It has a 5.7 liter V8 and a 700R4 Automatic Transmission. The removable targa roof doesn't leak. Recently replaced:
-Fuel Pump, Pump Assembly and Tank cleaned when first purchased
-All new fuel injectors when purchased, fuel lines blown out as well
-Spark Plugs changed
-Water Pump changed
-Coolant T-pipes for oil and trans coolers replaced
-Gear selector cable replaced
-Alternator Replaced
-Oil changes made periodically along with new oil filters as well.
-New Battery when purchased
-New Tires purchased January 2017, tons of life left on them as the car was last regularly driven in June.
-New driver's side wheel bearing
When I bought this car the gas tank held water and the fuel pump and assembly were rusted beyond repair. Since then the fuel system has basically received a full overhaul from a gas tank cleaning to new fuel injectors all around. The reason i'm selling the car is because after owning it for two years and putting thousands of dollars into new parts I would like to move on to a new car. The car also has a few issues that will need to be addressed. All in all this car for the most part has been extremely reliable and never left me stranded. Last summer I drove this car to New Hampshire and back for a summer job and I also drove it last winter to Boston and back with no issues whatsoever. This car does need some work but is certainly more solid than other C4 Corvette's I've seen.

I'm trying to sell it, but I would also consider trading it for an XT Turbo, or possibly an XT6. I'm looking for basically any XT that's manual and has 4WD. Turbos preferred. Projects welcome as well. PM me or call me on the # in the CL ad.
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