Trickier Subarus words of Yuichi Natori

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Trickier Subarus words of Yuichi Natori

Postby OKsubaru on Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:38 pm

"SUBARU'S ALCYONE OR VORTEX,as it is called in Australia, is a slightly outlandish beast that looks more like something from a science fiction novel than a car.Yet in the form it was originally launched the car suffered a credibility problem in terms of its internals. On demand 4WD and the same turbo charged 1.8 litre horizontally opposed 4 cylinder engine as the Subaru saloons hardly served to establish the credentials of a car with the look of an upmarket coupe. There are rumours that the car was originally expected to house a newly developed horizontally opposed six cylinder engine but Subaru had development problems that delayed it. But now the original promise is a reality, and the Alcyone is everything Subaru intended it to be.

The new engine is a development of the existing flat four cylinder 1.8 litre engine with two extra cylinders added on to produce a displacement of 2.7 litres. The bore and stroke measurements of 92mm and 67mm remain unchanged from the 1.8 litre engine, as is the SOHC two valve per cylinder valve gear. Fuel is electronically injected and the power output is rated at 110.3kW [JIS net ] at 5200 rpm with 210.8 nM of torque at 4,000rpm.

Not just content with a new engine, Subaru is showcasing a whole range of technologies in the Alcyone. Top of the list is the "Active Control Torque-split 4 Wheel Drive" [ACT-4] system that uses a wet multi-plate clutch to transfer torque to the rear wheels with electronically controlled hydraulic pressure modifying the pressure on the plates, and thus the amount of torque they transmit to the rear wheels. This allows a continually variable amunt of torque distributed between the front and rear axles, while the slippage of the plates makes up for the lack of a conventional centre differential. If you think you have heard about the system before, it is virtually the same system that Porsche have used in the 959.

Japanese market cars are offered with a new electronically controlled 4 speed automatic transmission that is managed by the same computer that also handles the engine and the ACT4 4WD system designed especially for the rigours of four wheel drive.

Demand for manual transmission in cars over the two litre sector of the market is extremely low so Subaru has not seen fit to offer one.

An uprated version of the Vortex's electronically controlled height adjustable semi-pneumatic system continues the high technology regime, while another technological worlds first is a power steering system that uses an electronically controlled electric motor to power the assistance hydraulics.This allows more precise control over the amount of assistance than is possible with a conventional engine-driven pump.

Despite the significant changes under the skin Subaru has kept the cosmetic changes to an absolute minimum. The ACX-9 show circuit car that nominally housed the technolgies that the new model puts on sale had bodywork changes that are absent from the production car, and the only external changes are limited to new bumpers and new pearlescent mica paintwork options. Inside too, the changes are almost unnoticeable"

From "Car Australia" magazine September 1987 << play with it, increase/decrease the last digit(s) by one, to find hidden archival resources .

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Re: Trickier Subarus words of Yuichi Natori

Postby grossgary on Sat Oct 28, 2017 5:33 am

“Same computer controls engine and transmission”?
No it doesnt?
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