Temp gauge goes up in very specific situations?

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Temp gauge goes up in very specific situations?

Postby grossgary on Sat May 07, 2016 8:46 am

Since i've owned this car it's always done this for 4 years (or however long i've had it) and 30,000 miles and hasn't changed:

85+ degrees, i climb a mountain slowly in first gear with two tight turns, and by the top/or when it flattens out but i'm still going slow due to road conditions - the temp gauge creeps up to 3/4.

it never does it below like 80 degrees, no coolant loss, no overheating, i'm almost positive the fans come on.
over like 30 mph i can drive all day long without issues.

a/c is not working so that's not in the equation. the heat output in the winter seems lower than it should be.

it's so predictable i wasn't even thinking anything but the radiator and maybe a gratuitous tstat replacement.
i installed another used radiator a few weeks ago and it did it again when we had an 85 degree day. surprise!?!?!

swapped radiator, water pumps never fail in subaru's (besides leak) and a tstat should have more symptoms right? so i'm confused.

my next steps are:
test fans
water pump
test - radiator fans, temp/sensor readings?

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Re: Temp gauge goes up in very specific situations?

Postby crazyhorse_001 on Mon May 09, 2016 10:49 am

Defiately check the fans. Sounds like the secondary fan may not be coming on. My 1st 6 would creeep the temps on long grades too. As would my first 4cyl xt.

If this is a regular part of your routine, you can crank the heat before you get to the incline to add cooling capacity from the heater core. Just dont put it on defrost, as this runs the a/c to dehumidify the air.
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