Has the XT ever been on the silver screen?

There are only a couple of times you’ll see the XT on TV - in two movies and in a few video games. The XT Turbo makes a brief appearance in the last scene of the movie “Big” (you know, the Tom Hanks flick) when the kid’s grown up “girlfriend” drops him off in front of his house. It also can be seen in an even more brief showing in the background in one of the first scenes in “Lethal Weapon 3″. If you look closely at the cars parked in the background during the scene when detectives Murtaugh and Riggs have been demoted to writing parking tickets and are having fun with a J-walker, you’ll see a silver XT.

The XT Turbo can be seen and driven (technically as the Alcyone VR) in the X Box game Sega GT 2002. In the game it can be highly modified with various bolt on items such as suspension and exhaust upgrades, weight reduction, and various sized turbos. When completely decked-out with the biggest, baddest mods, the wedge is one of the fastest and best handling cars in the game. While just a game, it is supposedly modeled on real-world physics and known performance characteristics of the various cars. The Alcyone’s 4WD absolutely rules the track and gives the car a decided edge on the dragstrip by eliminating wheelspin. The car can also make an appearance in the PC game, “Need for Speed”. It shows up in the game if downloaded as part of a custom update.

Other than that the only other place it might be found is in Japanese anime; supposedly there is some “Japanime” flick that has an Alcyone VX, the Japanese XT6. The title of the movie is unknown to this site though, so for now this remains a rumor. If any anime fans ever recognize the car in a movie or series episode let us know!

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  1. Yukon Says:

    There is also a scene in the new “Herbie Fully Loaded” movie. In the wrecking yard scene near the beginning. Unfortunately, they crush the poor thing.

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