Can I transplant the digital dash into my XT6?

The digital dash was ONLY available in the XT Turbo (and it’s foreign counterparts). It is possibly less than practical to transplant into an XT6 (although anything is possible with the right amount of money and skill). The dash is made specifically for the EA82T - not a six cylinder, normally aspirated ER27. For another thing, part of the digital display is a digital boost indicator that would not correspond to anything on the ER27. Now, a turbocharged ER27 might be able to make use of that function. Although it might be possible to wire it into an XT6 with a great deal of effort and investment, the digital dash probably wouldn’t be practical - not even with an “ER27T”.

One response to “Can I transplant the digital dash into my XT6?”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I am now the proud owner of a 1989 XT6 with a digital dash. The tach, speedo and temp gauges are functioning, but the gas gauge and outside temp are not. The turbo gauge, as noted has nothing to measure.

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