How do I remove the stereo without breaking the dash trim?

Although cool at the time, the flush mounted radio presents a problem when installing an aftermarket unit. Unfortunately if you’ve broken your plastic trim already, your in for a big disappointment at the junkyard - most XTs/XT6s have broken trim around the stereo, too. If you haven’t broken the trim, you’ll love this - next to the trip computer there is a small, square plastic blank. This lifts out easily with a finger nail to expose a screw. unscrew it and you can remove the trip computer. This will provide you access to a couple of screws holding the stereo in place.

Aftermarket stereos will fit with an adaptor kit to fit Subaru’s uniquely shaped opening. The stock EQ basically will simply not work with any aftermarket stereo, so you might as well remove it to make room for another component. In its place you could also create a storage compartment - something the XT could always use more of! Since most aftermarket stereos have built in EQs, the stock EQ becomes something of a moot piece of hardware anyway.

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  1. peter au Says:

    thanks for the info much appreciated peter au

  2. peter au Says:

    peace of cake to remove with no stress, to make it realy easy its good to have a straight and a right angle phillips head screw driver no damage peter au

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