Are there any body kits out there for an XT?

While many (most?) XT or XT6 owners would consider it “blasphemous” to spoil the car’s unique original lines, you certainly could install a ground effects kit if you wanted to. The only kit ever mass produced was by Kaminari, and while not in production may still be available with enough searching. Yet another possiblility is to modify a kit intended for a Honda Prelude from 1988 - ‘91 (interestingly the same years of production for the XT6). The Prelude has very similar dimensions and a similar layout so a modified kit might be able to be installed by a competent professional.

At the time of this writing (June 2007) discussion board member “X35″ (or Steve, as we know him) is currently fabricating a set of XT / XT6 body kits based on the Kaminari design. Further information on specs and pricing can be found in the discussion forums - there you can also post questions regarding the kit.

It is worth noting that an “aerodynamics” package might actually adversely affect Subaru’s extremely slippery aerodynamics which yield a 0.29 coefficient of drag. While it is most likely that adding ground effects would be for appearance purposes only, it is also worth noting that the XT and XT6 are easily head turning designs unto themselves.

2 responses to “Are there any body kits out there for an XT?”

  1. Bob Wood Says:

    I have a body kit from an 87 XT (RIP). Not sure who made it, but it was designed for the XT. Spoiler, Rear Skirt, Left & Right lower side panels. The glass needs some work around the exhaust area and a few chips here and there but overall it’s in good shape. The color is a faded go fast red. I would be happy to hear from any one interested in putting it on an XT. WARNING Your XT will not longer look like an XT with this kit.

  2. Jerome Thomas Says:

    Bob, what are you trying to get rid of it for(cost), my XT is blue but it needs a paint job anyway, so painting won’t be to bad, can I get cost and maybe pics?


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