The Dragon - 2005

Every year we try to get as many XT and XT6 owners as possible to meet for the Dragon run. Far more information can be found in the discussion forums.

Some of the Alcyones seen from the porch of one of the group's cabins

16 responses to “The Dragon - 2005”

  1. cvk Says:

    I’ll be there with bells on. Bells are still mandatory this year, right?

  2. Austin Says:

    I’ll be there to tighten Christian’s straight jacket.

  3. Huck Says:

    I’ll be there to hear the bells ringing

  4. Manny Says:

    Vrooom! Vroooooooooooooom!

  5. Dave Says:

    I’ll tie some bells to something…

    Can’t wait to run the Dragon, it’s gonna be great!!!

  6. TurboXT Says:

    My mom says I can’t go….but I don’t blame her, you guys saw what happened at the last meet I went to. I’ll try to change her mind though! lol


  7. subbyru89 Says:

    Oh I’ll be there…who else needs bells? I can pick them up when I get a big ass set for myself AHAHAHHHHAHAHA

    The Dragon’s ganna be different this year…we’ll actually be able to SEE what’s around us instead of big clouds of smoke (j/k Aus)

    Rick, just come…I have faith that you learned your lesson the last meet. Plus I was really hoping to meet all of Triple Threat…come on, ya know you wanna!

    Smiles, Melis

  8. xtsizzix Says:

    new to this game… but ill b there…with bells

  9. Michael Says:

    I’ll be there, but I don’t think either of my cars will :\

  10. Wilke Says:

    I am courious as to what the Dragon Run is. I have an xt6 and would like to go I think, but what is the Dragon Run and where is it?

  11. Chris - (Fury) Says:

    Although my XT turbo FLIES, I’d need bigger wings to make it. Would love to, but alas…

  12. Austin Says:

    The Dragon Run is an annual gathering of XT enthusiasts in the Smokey Mountains of NC/TN. The scenic tour includes the legendary “Tail of the Dragon”, a section of U.S. Hwy 129 that involves 318 turns in 11 miles (and over 800 feet of altitude changes if I’m not mistaken). We usually take it at a pretty leisurely pace most of the way, making an afternoon of the ~50mile tour, but then those last 11 miles tend to bring out the rally racer in most folks. ;)

  13. opower95 Says:

    ya it’awsome the coolest!;)

  14. Huckster the Dragonslayer Says:

    I’ll be there….I’ll be ringing the bells….hehe, don’t forget my set Melis :)

  15. Subbyru89 Says:

    Only a few days left! el w00to

  16. Crimson Says:

    I just got an XT a few months ago. I am currently working on getting him into perfect shape as he was in 89. Hopefully by the next run he will be good to go, and so will I ;) . Just email me, when where and all that other info lol

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